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like screaming at the top of your lungs

in the middle of times square.

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i was born by the sea but now i live in the mountains. i go to a school that boasts recognition from "newsweek" and "high times." i am a champion at royally fucking up my life and then fixing it at the last minute. when i'm not to be found at work or school, i'm usually in pursuit of some sort of adventure.

in general, my life is pretty ordinary. certain things inexplicably fascinate me; these are some of them. i take pictures. i go to burning man. i do contact improvisation. i like swimming. i make things. i write. i have a tactile fixation. i like music. i'm a sucker for hippies, artists, and sincerity. i want to be either a jacket copywriter or an art therapist. i'm a sensualist. i like girls. i like boys. i want to see the world and maybe, someday, change it. i like all forms of art and dance and literature and music and love.

friends only. new friends welcome.
i usually don't notice right away if someone adds me, so if you want in, make sure to leave me a comment saying you've added me.

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Marriage is love.